Homing sequence not working

Hi, I just finished assembling the xcarve 1000mm I have done everything correctly (I hope) the machine moves correctly but when I put it through the homing sequence the spindle moves down and the sequence stops. I have checked for obstructions and there are none and I checked the wiring on the limit switches and they seemed to be correct. I also did a test cut without bits or material just to see the movement of the machine and everything seemed to be operating properly. Please help I need to get this machine up and running asap.

How far down does it move? It should move up first.

It moves down about a 1/2 inch then everything stops

If set up right the z should go up and touch the homing switch back off and touch it a second time. Then the x and y should home.

First of all, make use your Z-stepper is working correctly, up is up and down is down when jogging.

IF the stepper move in random / just one direction regardless of up/down jog command => one of the motor wires is not in contact.

If the stepper move as intended I refer you to this write-up concerning GRBL/Homing which applies: