Homing sequence, z motor doesn't stop

I was finally able to start setting up my x-carve, motors work fine, but the homing sequence is not right. The motor keeps going up and makes funny noises. What is wrong?

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I had the same issue once, and found that the homing switch was not making contact because the Z limit stop screw was set too low. Make sure the screw allows the Z axis carriage to come up high enough to contact the limit switch.


@AlAmantea has the right idea. Your Z limit switch is not engaging for some reason. Definitely check that your limit screw isn’t set too low. If that seems fine, you can go into Machine Inspector and see the real-time status of that switch - you can try pressing it with your finger to make sure it’s working correctly.

I haven’t really looked into mine, but my z carriage stops about 3/4" below the switch for some reason. I don’t see any obstructions. Just haven’t had time to figure out what’s causing it.

The Delrin nut can bind around the top of the lead screw if the securing nut on top of the lead screw is cranked down too hard (due to the positioning of the lead screw relative to the carriage not necessarily being perfect with regard to the positioning of the V-wheels on the spindle housing to the V-rails of the carriage, the lead screw can end up at a slight angle to the V-rails of the carriage, which gets worse as the Delrin nut rides higher on the lead screw). You can try greasing up the washer between the lead screw bearing and toothed pulley to help mitigate this (worked for me).

yeah I figured it was binding, but I’m just going to ditch it for a linear z instead. Thanks for the insight.

Another thing to watch for is with the Dewalt 611 router, if you dont have it sitting just right in the cradle, the edge of the router can hit on the top of the Z axis carriage, preventing the Axis from reaching the limit switch.