Homing setup in easel works on Z, Y, but not X

I started up my 1000mm machine, and entered the setup on easel. I can get all the directional arrows to work, but when I got to do the homing, the Z starts, goes to the limit switch, then slowly seems to try to move Z again, and then goes to Y. X doesn’t seem to do anything. I have triple checked my wiring and can’t figure it out. Any ideas?

I found in machine inspector that my X homing switch is showing its being pressed. Any ideas?

I unplugged and redid all the wiring to all of the homing switch. Still showing it’s being pressed.

When you actually press the X homing switch, does the state change?

Sounds like a faulty X-switch / wiring issue. Could also be electrical noise.

The Homing procedure btw is:

Z first, douple tap. First tap, pull off 1mm then move more slowly towards switch for second tap.
Then it will move towards X/Y simoustainly (or only X or Y if one of the switches is seen as pressed. (ON)) for the same double tap switch engagement.

Nothing changes when I press the switch. I’ll change it out with the Z to see if it works then.

Well that didn’t work. I unhooked the z switch and plugged it into the x limit switch wires and it’s still showing it is being pressed. I once again lossend and pulled out the black and red x limit switch wires and checked, and everything seems fine and secure. Not sure what else to check. I’ll call inventables in a bit unless someone responds before I do.

Do the switch show as pressed even when it is completely disconnected, no wires nor switch?


Call Inventables :slight_smile:

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Ok I’ll talk to them when they open. I also just noticed that when I press pause or soft reset it doesn’t show in machine inspector that they are being pressed either, but the run button does work.

Assuming X-controller

Make sure that the internal cables are pressed fully into their sockets. The retaining clips will close prior to the cables being fully seated.

I did check that too. Pulled out the ribbon cables and reseated them. Inventables is sending out replacement electronics.

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