Homing setup Z axis always goes down

While setting up my Home limit switches, the Z axis always travels in the down direction. I followed the steps to reverse the direction but it doesn’t help. Should I just flip 2 of the wires on the motor? I should also note that when performing the setup up and down arrows, it is backwards.

Have you tried running a job yet? If the Z axis is always moving backward no matter what, just flip two wires on the motor like yous aid.

Post your $$ output from grbl here.

@NathanButler I havent ran a job yet as I didnt want to mess things up worse.

@LarryM Does a video exist on how to work with grbl?

You can use Easel, UGCS, the Arduiino IDE, and other software to get these values. From Easel use the Machine Inspector.

You can use the Arduino IDE serial monitor:

Thanks for the info. To start I flopped the green and black wires for the steppers and all ended up good. Thanks for the tips.

I have the same problem. I am going to flip the green and black wires in my stepper shield do you think that will work?

Mine is not the jogging motion it is when the z plunges into the material it goes up instead of down.

@PhilJohnson That is correct.

@VernonBrown did you flip the wires on the stepper shield or at the stepper motor?

@JohnSielaff Yes i did and all is well now!!!

@PhilJohnson Thanks I didn’t see that. I flopped the Green and Black for the Z axis to travel in the correct direction.

@PhilJohnson I flipped mine at the G SHield, I would say flip it where it makes more sense to you as it doesn’t matter where you flip it. And yes you are correct, if you flip it at both ends you will still have the same problem.