Homing switch issue

My z homing switch works just fine, but that’s where my setup stops each time. Nothing more happens. No sound, no motion, no nothing. I have double checked all my wiring on both ends of the x and y switches and can’t find anything wrong there. Help please. Any suggestions would be useful!

How do you know your Z switch is fine?
The reason I ask is that if there’s a problem the Z switch, you’d see exactly what you’re describing.

Try and change GRBL parameter $27=5 (=1 is default)

Any change?

I believe the z homing switch to be fine because when I run the test for the homing switches the spindle goes to the top, trips the z homing switch, and stops, but then nothing else happens.

I will try that and get back to you. Thank you.

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Each limit switch need to be touched twice and sequence is Z first then followed by X & Y simultaneously.

After first touch it pull back (distance, mm, defined by $27)
If the std value of 1mm pull back dont clear the switch it wont attempt the second touch and enter an alarm state.

$25 = homing speed for first touch
$27 = pull back distance
$26 = homing speed for second touch

If Z dont touch the switch twice => increase $27 to 5 and see if that help to clear the switch properly.

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Ah, so that’s the problem. It only touches the z once, then does nothing. I’ll try the fix you suggested. I appreciate the help. I know the way around power tools, no so much the coding part.

One touch only => insufficient clearing distance ($27)

To edit any GRBL parameter simply open up Easel - Machine Inspector and in the small Console window type:
$27=5 + press Enter, the Console will report back “Ok”. Check current settings by typing $$ + Enter

$27=5 is mostly likely way more than needed, you can reduce that value as seen fit.