Homing Switch Setup Issue with Y axis

Ok, finally got to the testing stage last night after having to wait a week for a new controller board.

I can manually control the x, y, z axis in Easel

When I start the homing setup it starts off fine for the x, z. The Y axis starts its long journey from the back of the unit to the front and the left side where the screw is the Y axis stops fine. The Right Y axis keeps trying to move forward? Unfortunately the instructions for the Homing Switches are very vague. Thoughts on what the issue could be?

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I would recheck your wiring. The signal to the Y motors comes from the same place (with just 2 wires swapped over for direction change) so both axis should be in sync, one can’t turn without the other.

That I did cause initially the Y axis was going backwards.

Perhaps both y axis are trying to move forward but the screw is stopping the left one? If this is the case then your y axis homing switch should be the focus of your attention.

The side with the screw has stopped like it “seems it should” while the other side is continuing to try to move forward. I thought the unit would stop when the homing switch made contact with the screw?

What Stuart is saying is that your homing switch may not be working for possible reason of wiring.

Definitely check your homing switch.

In Easel, they added a display of switch status in machine inspector. Open it and then press the switch with your finger. You should see the status change. If not, then you’ve got a wiring issue or a dead switch.

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Ok, I will revisit this when I get home from work later today!

Thanks for the help so far everyone! I can’t wait to get cutting with this!

A picture of your Y axis switch when the left side is up against it would help.

Now you have me thinking something doesn’t look right; it doesn’t look like the screw is able to make contact with the switch; but how would it be installed wrong?

Do I have it upside down?

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Ok that seemed to resolve the issue; how long does the homing take? After it stops; the easel screen pop up just sits there like its thinking…

Go to machine inspector -> advanced and find the grbl parameters. Post them here. They look like
$1=255 etc.

turned the unit off and back on; it finished the sequence…

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