Homing switch software not working properly

I recently assembled my xcarve 1000 x 10000
l installed the latest driver
I verified operation of the limit switches with a meter and through Machine inspector in the advance setup.

The issue Im repeatedly having is it goes thru the homing process and tests the z axis first , the limit trips the spindle stops moving but freezes here and doesn’t move to the x and y home positions to check those limits.
operation of the motors is good in all directions
I have checked and verified all wiring and Machine inspector recognizes the limits as i force them closed manually.
This leads me to believe its a software issue.
Has anyone had this issue and resolved it?


Each axis is tapped twice for validation, yours stop after first tap => pull-off distance is insufficient to open the switch for the 2nd tap. The pull-off distance is defined by GRBL parameter $27 and is set to 1mm as default.

Change $27 to =5 and try again to verify.
The seek/feed speed during homing is governed by:
$25 (Seek, first tap speed)
$24 (Feed, 2nd tap speed)

Homing sequence is Z first, then X/Y move simultaneously.

Besides the setting that Haldor mentioned, you have to make sure the bumper washer is in the right " sweet" spot. I had to move one mine on the Y axis in order to work correctly when I assembled it. These switches are delicate too. Make sure they are operational. I bought a batch of 10 spares and have used about 5 of them as the levers break off.

I believe the issue was in the firmware which i updated and it seemed to work fine now.
Thank you for all you help