Homing Switch

Hello my Name is Tom, I am having trouble with my Homing Switch. I get up to the part when it asks to start homing sequence. Once i start the sequence the x-carve starts going to the left side first and when it gets to the homing switch it does not stop, it keeps running where i have to press the stop button. i checked all the wires several times and i continue to have the same problem, what can or should i do

I had the same problem. On the back of the rail there should be an m5 with an aluminum collar. They never really tell you where to slide it to, it’s meant to bump the switch.

Hey Thxs for replying, Yea i got that on, i even moved it closer just to make sure it wasn’t to far out and still nothing.

Hello Tomas and welcome to the forum,
When doing homing the Z axis always raises up first, after the Z axis hits the homing switch then the X and Y will take off. If it starts going to the left side first then you have something wired incorrect. Probably the X and Z stepper motor.

Hey Russell thx you for replying, I guess i have to check on that when i get out of work today, I though i did connect it right but i will differently re-check the wiring. I hope u r right n i am wrong lol.

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Hey Russell I think i may have found the problem. In the photo attached on top is the Z-Limit, put it looks like i plugged in the x-axls in the wrong slot. Could that be the problem?

Yes you have the X and Z axis stepper motors swapped . That should fix your problem

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Hello Russell just wanted to update you on my problem. It was the wiring, i just swapped them as you advised and it worked fine. Just did my first test cut and it did great. thank you for your help.

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Awesome, glad it worked out