Homing switches for what?

Can someone explain what the homing switches are utilized for?

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To syncronize the machine space to the model space.

This allow you to:

  • Assign two consistent parking spots, G28 and G30
  • Maintain a consistent work zero as this point is saved as an offset relative to machine zero
    Excellent when you need to restart an aborted carve, as the work zero is persistent (untill reassigned by user)
  • Utilize soft limits (GRBL parameter $130-132)

Say you set up a carve, home the machine and confirm work zero, and for some reason you need to restart the carve:

  • Re-home the machine and click “use previous home position aka work zero”.

Or you are doing batches of same carving over and over:

  • Home the machine, set work zero and carve.
  • Insert new stock, carve again using the previous work zero, finish for the day and power the machine down. Come back next day, power-up and re-home. Carve, using previous work zero :slight_smile:
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Two critically uses for homing switches are two sided carves and in carves that use multiple bits. In both case, you need to go to a specific place after you turn the machine off to either flip a work piece or change bits.