Homing switches status = on

My homing switches Y and Z are reporting as on.
Homing switch X reports as off, but even if I trigger the switch it stays at off status.

Inventables sent me a new PCB (power supply and control interface part 30643-01.

I switched it to the new board and am still having the same issue.

They are going to send another one again, but I don’t think 2 defective ones back to back is that likely.

Anyone have any suggestions of what else it can be??

Also, the status of Y and Z stay on even if the cable is unplugging the cable.

IMG_2314.HEIC (1.4 MB)

this is the cable that I unplugged and status of y and z stay on.IMG_2314.HEIC (1.4 MB)

Issue is consistent with or without it plugged in.

Does the X switch work?

just stays in the off position even if I do make the x switch’s leads touch

Do you have a multimeter?
Can you check the continuity between the switch pins at the board?

that’s a great idea, I will try that and will keep you updated! thanks for your help.

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