Homing the Xcarve

What is the purpose of homing the machine before doing a carve?

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it’s lost without it, its like google maps it can’t give you direction without it knowing where you’re at :thinking:

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There’s quite a few reasons… it gives you the ability to re-start the carve using the exact same origin in the event of a power loss or static shock, or broken bit. or lost steps, crash, etc.

For instance, if you have a 2 (or more) bit carve and during the bit swap, you manage to apply a ton of torque with the collet wrench and force the gantry out of position, the easiest fix is simply re-home (as long as you had also homed before the first carve) now you can simply reuse the prior X,Y and run this 2nd bits carve.
I know other people who mark a dot or X on the workpiece and would manually re-align to this to recover from the above bit swap fiasco, but that is not as accurate as simply homing before the first bit and it takes additional manual labor and the human factor in order to get close to perfect (and it’ll never be as perfect as simply homing). . .

It really isn’t a requirement, but when you come into a circumstance that you didn’t prepare for using some work around manual method, you’ll probably wish you’d just homed first. because that means the first workpiece is just going in the trash since there’s no way to realign perfectly…

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