Homing trouble

Hi ,

I got my machine together today (Just waiting forthe replacement leadscrew en delrin) but I got It al together and tried homing the machine in easel setup (Just x and y)
And they both went the wrong way, fixed this with the grbl option in easel setup.
So they all go in the right direction (not sure about z but I press the limit switch myself ;))
As I start homing via easel setup the whole thing moves to the upper right instead of the lower left…
I checked the wiring, its ok
Retried the grbl settings but still it move to the upper right…
What could be wrong?

Ps I did the setup without the limit switch option and the testcarve with a pencil taped to the carriage went ok.

That happened to me too. But after an xcontrolder reboot it was fine you can also Invert with the grbl settings “$$” from the command line.

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Thank you for the tip, I Will try this asap!


Get the axes movements correct with $3 first and then get homing correct with $23.