Homing - X does not bounce back

My Y and Z homing switches touch and bounce back as they should but the X touches and does not bounce back, so homing failed is the response I get in Easel

Do the X limit switch actually work?
You can trigger the switch by hand with Easel Machine Inspector open and check for green “light” for the X switch icon.

Thank you Haldor, yes I did try that and all switches are working properly I think it is a GRBL setting but not sure

So if you start to home the machine, but trip the X/Y switch by hand - it is not detected for X?

The pull-off value in GRBL is set by $27 and applies to all axes, you could try to change it from default =1 and increase to =5 to see if that changes things. 1mm pull-off may in some cases be insufficient for the switch to fully disengage.

Yes, I increased it to 5 and that did work a couple of times, but now when it bounces back it goes all the way down on the Z axis which is the first move and I have to shut down to stop it ( red button)
I did upgrade from V wheels to linear rails and blocks, but I doubt if that should make any difference, I also have a screw drive from Phantom here on the forum, that has been working fine for about a year now

I am still having a problem when homing the Z reaches the top then bounces back , but it carries on going down until I stop it, here are my GRBL settings, are they right

I am no where near an expert. It looks like $27 is set to Pull-off 1000mm.
Try setting it to 1mm

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Thank’s Darrin, you are on the right track, it’s a lot better, I set it to back off 2 mm the Z backs off 2mm and then goes back up again very slowly and backs off again, the Y axis works as it should and backs off 2mm but the X does not move at all, I am using Easel to set up the machine and get this message (If you have homing switches, be careful jogging your machine. The switches are currently disabled and can easily be crushed). it only jogs once or twice and then stops

I have $22 set to $22=1 but Easel is telling me that homing switches are currently disabled