Homing Z Axis Failure

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I set up my new machine and was in the process of setting it up with my computer. When I was prompted I could move all the axis x, y, and z with the up and down and side to side arrows. I then went to homing and the z axis failed. It did move and then hit the switchboard and made a loud noise similar to an alert or when your dryer is done on your laundry. I followed the online suggestions to check and make sure all the axis showed a green light on my computer. The x and y both were green. The z did not turn green. Per instructions I went and made sure all the wire were attached. I then ran the test and all axis showed green. I then tried the homing sequence again with the z axis and it seemed almost like the motor was jammed. It tried to move but did not really go anywhere. We then re-checked the wires and tried the homing again this time smoke came out of the circuit board and we smelled electrical. We turned if off immediately and looked at the circuit board and it was burned in a part. They are sending me a new circuit board but the instructions on the homing are not clear. What should happen during this initial "homing " sequence ? Is it suppose to be automatic or are we suppose to hit the button on the microswitches ? If everything is set up properly what would happen when you hit the homing cycle and how long does it take to complete the cycle ? Once this cycle is completed is your machine finished with the set up and process and then you should be able to move forward with using it ?

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Loud noise was the motor faulting j ternary as the linear rails hitting a physical stoppage.

This is a quite common issue, you need to lower the z limit switch just a tad, that will allow it to be depressed enough to actually signal.

You can go to machine>general settings >machine inspector and send these commands while watching those green indicators.

$h to home.
$x to clear any alarms or errors.

Adjust the switch as needed to get it to signal during the homing sequence.

That said, if your experiencing this issue then it’s also likely that the entire z axis is also mounted higher than desired, if yo like go to carve and the bit can’t reach the wasteboard, then you’ll need to loosen the 4 screws and lower the entire z assembly

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