Hope to see an X-carve before purchase

I live in Myrtle Beach and I have checked locations for schools and libraries that may have an X-carve. There are none near me. If any owner of an X-carve near Myrtle Beach would consider showing me and discussing their machine with me I would appreciate it very much. My phone number is 843-729-2925. Thanks so much.

I don’t live near you however, I will try to answer any question you have and I have a series of videos on the XCarve which may be better than bing in person. Also welcome to the group

I only have one concern left. I have been working with the software and some of my designs require a long cutting time. I am concerned about the router burning up. Some designs can take up to 4 hours or more. I know most do not, but if you have several small designs on one board the cutting time can be very long.

Do you have a problem with routers wearing out. Thanks Phillip. I may call you tomorrow if I have more questions.

While Dewalt 611 is a palm router, not designed to run for hrs contiously they actually work very well with the Xcarve.
The main speed setting to use is #1 => 16k RPM
It will get warm but not hot, many use these for hrs.

The brushes do wear out eventually, typically after 100-200hrs of use, YMMV. Replacement brushes are available.

…and are cheap and easy to change. :slight_smile:

@BryanBlankenship. I’m doing a live streaming on changing brushes Thursday night at 7:00pm CST JANUARY 31 2019. Also doing a Q&A session

I’m also providing a link to obtain new brushes

If the brushes wear out that quickly, I guess I should ask about the machine parts. I am a retired magician and looking to do a little manufacturing in the magic trick area. Not sure how much but not full time. How will the x-carve hold up? I am excited about the buy, just want to make sure it will do the job, Thanks.

I think 100-200hrs is pretty good. That’s runtime.

Nothing else on the X-Carve will wear that often, but you may need to replace a v-wheel or a belt at some point. If you buy a $50,000 machine, you’ll have parts that wear as well.