Horizontal lines - Z axis off?

Hi there, I’ve been trying to face off some wood with a 32mm bit. Unfortunately, it creates lines in the wood. It looks to me like the Z axis is off front to back. I’ve checked the X rails and, just judging by eye, it looks as if one of the rails is higher than the other but just in the middle. Any ideas?

It could be your step over.
Some of those bits have a gap in the center and the blades are angled.
Mine is and does this same thing and I aligned everything. Not by eye either.
change your step to compensate.
Look at the bit and place it on a flat surface and see if the blades are flat to it. you should not see light passing.

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I think you are correct sir :slight_smile:

Hmmm. I’m curious as to why it should be bent in the first place. Is this a thing with Xcarve?

The reason I said bent is that it seems to be higher in the middle than at either side which suggests a banana-like geometry to me…

Good thinking! How much better is the one piece X axis over the two piece version would you say Phil?

If your cutting forces pull the z-axis forward you will get this pattern. The X beam will twist more in the middle as angular deflection is a function of length. It does not need to be twisted.

My Z axis moved 0,55mm when a force of 2kg was put on the tip of the bit, that was reduced by clamping the two (500mm) makereslides together to 0,17mm. The new one piece makerslide is stronger than a bolted together setup.

You can try a sharper bit, smaller diameter, more rpm and lower feedrates.


OK, you’re starting to convince me Phil. Many thanks to all you guys for helping out - it’s much appreciated.

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Do you know if there’s a supplier for the one piece x axis in Europe? I can’t find mention of it anywhere.

I asked them, Robosavy does not want to handle spares. Too bad, shipping and import taxes will tripple the cost for europe.

As long as you use BLUE LOCTITE!

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I’ve just ordered some shims to see if that will cure it…