Hose/Cord Reel Ideas

Finally got my XC back in running shape again and am looking for some ideas on how to approach a project. I’d like to make some extension cord reels out of baltic birch plywood. Ideally, the design would allow the cord to be would up without twisting it and would be both compact AND have a large enough diameter reel to ensure that the cord doesn’t develop an memory.

I feel like everything could be cut out of ply, except for maybe a knob to turn the reel with and possibly an outlet and some internal wiring to enable something like this (note this is for an air hose) - http://myimg.club/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/diy-hose-reel-do-it-your-self-hose-reel-diy-hose-reel-swivel.jpg.

I’m thinking maybe the outlet could be located just off-center in the reel face, to allow a shaft to run through?

Has anyone made something like this, or similar, and could share pics or ideas of how they approached the problem?


A little later in the process, but my only regret in installing a ceiling cord real in my basement shop was that I mounted it in the center of the ceiling. That seemed like a good idea at the time, but the hanging cord tends to get in the way of the tools I am using. Off to the side would have been better.

Ah, good point. I’m thinking of making something that is portable, maybe 12" x 12" x 8" - or something like that. I can see how a hanging cord could either be awesome - or painful - though