House number sign with 3D deer

I hope you plan on posting photos of the finished product!

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Yes. Deer…


Curious what the 8 bits are and whether doing that many changes actually saves much carve time in the end.

The panel looks like the aspen panels i get from Lowes… I haven’t carved a ton in them as i tend to get a ton of fuzzies after and takes a little extra time to clean up…

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I do the same…

If I have double sided tape under it I will do the profile early, otherwise I only do the profile after all the other operations are done. I have had tabs break loose before and it will totally ruin the piece.

I hated tape before Erik recommended XFasten Double Sided Carpet Tape, it is perfect in every way.

Hi Phil
Happy new year 2017
It looks incredibly fine
Is the 3D milled?
Have you done it with X-Carve

have you thought about making a vacuum table for your x-carve it would be really simple to do and cheap would not have to worry about expensive tape, nails, screws, etc.

no joke you could knock a vacuum table out for 300.00 or less depending the material that you have on hand

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