House Number Sign

Just out of the machine. Need to clean it up a bit, drop some paint into the recessed cut, and stain/seal the top.

Still a little deeper than I think I really wanted…not seeing a proper 3d preview zoomed in hurts (Devs - please give me a zoom button!).

First “completed” and ready to go project though! Not bad for a noob.

Done with a 3 flute straight bit, .065 dia. Stock spindle.
1/8 cut into 1/4 red oak from Lowe’s.


That looks very nice!

Looking good, Alan! And thank you for posting the info on the bit you used along side the finished project. I think that can be helpful as we (noobs) figure out just what the heck we are doing with our machines!

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I’m a noob right there with you! I carved the same Mets logo 3 different times now messing with bits, speeds, and materials. As we go through trials, we post what works, what doesn’t, and hopefully put together the best knowledge of X-Carve users around.

Nice carve @AlanDyke

Are you not able to zoom the 3D view? Whatever you use to scroll a webpage should zoom and holding shift and dragging the 3D view will pan. (scroll wheel, or a track pad scroller, or a gesture like 2 finger scrolling)

yeah you should be able to zoom the 3d view. its not as smooth as some programs but it works. also if you hit the show toolpaths button and the click hide material it makes it a lot easier to see exactly what you are doing

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No. If I use my scrollwheel my screen just jitters. This happens on normal pages as well as Easel. I’ve tried different mice to no avail. There’s some posts about it I found on Google, but haven’t solved it yet. I’ve asked @Dev to add the zoom +/- buttons like the left side…they agreed it’s a nice idea, but don’t know when they’ll get to it.

Pretty sweet… improving the world, one house numbering sign at a time.

It’s like something Doc and Marty would be working on in the revised version of things when Marty finally got… Back to the Future.

I have a little more work in learning how to paint and stain.

I spray painted 2 coats of black across the whole thing, then sanded it back down to wood. Then stained with some transparent outdoor deck stain so that I can hang this down at the mailbox.

I needed to “seal” the letters, so there’s stain in there but you can see it bunched up and made a distinct mess of things.

All told, for my first good project…I’m pleased.


I really like the look of that raw red oak wood

That turned out great!

Alan, just a quick note… Phil has had great results by spraying with poly after the carve, then painting the letters. I would give staining first, carve, then spray poly and then paint the numbers. On another note, have you tried a different browser for the zoom feature? I know some have had different issues with different browsers.