How about a basic brush tool / arc tool / eraser

It would be super convenient to be able to just make lines instead of having to form a line using the rectangle tool.

Also an eraser tool would be super helpful, sometimes I don’t want to erase the entire section just part of the vector.


Big ditto here. Would love to be able to make a simple line. Having an eraser would be just as helpful. Any chance we might see that in the near future?

Big, big ditto here also… when there are parts ofa design i need to eliminate I find mysel layering shapes and adjusting the depth of the cut which would be alot easier with an ereser tool. Plus some of what I’ve needed to eliminate on previous designs couldn’t be hidden this way (eg. an iside curve canbe hiddenwith a circle or eliptical shape, but no option for an outside curve) and I’ve had to change the design to fit Easel…

I would like to see an eraser as well.

Yes Please!

This would be quite nice! concur!

I vote yes, especially an eraser.

Yes pleasseee!

Come on guys(nerds that work at Inventible) Put an erase tool in this. I know its hard sitting in a nice couch with a bunch of sprite and nuts, just laughing at us, thinking" Those guys are nuts, an erase tool? Come one X-carvers , you’re creative , right?" Yes we are but here is the difference. We use this tool not just make it. Oh wait you nerds have never seen real wood. LOL Go outside and take a big wiff. Smell that? that is nature… Please help