How about a new forum group for software?

Hey Inventables.

As I read more and more here it is obvious that there is a great deal of knowledge and experience on this forum. I see questions regularly asking for help about using software X, Y, Z, etc. Would it be beneficial to create a general “software” category in addition to the “Easel” category? There you could create subcategories for the individual software programs. This should help by creating a clear place for software related questions that can be easily accessed in the future.

I know that for me having just downloaded Fusion 360 a single area containing this information would be a real advantage. While the search function does work very well I think this could be a real asset to the forum and it’s members. I also think that this would lend itself to the creation a FAQ section within these sub-forums which could be a great benefit for new users.

Thanks and keep up the great work here!

PS- I can’t wait to pick up my X-Carve this Friday!


I agree, I usually use the search box a number of times a day to find the answers to specific software issue/questions/concerns I have.

So… seconded I guess!