How about an X-Controller for Christmas

Hey Inventables are we going to see the X-Controller for Christmas? Or in the near future. Please, Please, Please.

I’m gonna email Santa to see how the elves are doing on the first 400.



If you are getting close to shipping the X-Controllers is there any chance you will be allowing people to prepay to secure their spot in line for them? I for one would be willing to do that. An added bonus for you that would give you a good indicator of what the real demand is for the X-Controller.

We are getting very close to getting boards back from the fab house. I will talk this over with the team tomorrow.


I got the money burning a hole in my pocket for the X-Controller. I would prepay, keeps me from spending it on something else.

We are waiting on a call back from the board house. We want to get a date from them before we put it up for preorder so we have a reasonable timeframe to provide.

All the other parts are at Inventables.

I’m hoping we will have some additional info today.


Excellent!!! :+1:

Hi Everyone,

Santa had some good news…well sorta. We can announce it for Christmas!

We got some info back from the elves at the circuit board manufacturer and they expect to deliver boards to us in early January. Our internal fulfillment and operations team really really really didn’t want to do it as a pre-order but we understand people are antsy to get in line for this and we are antsy to get it out the door.

I’m going to honor this request and we will put in on sale for pre-order starting Monday December 28th. Our expectation is that the FIRST 399 units will start shipping by the end of January as 1 will go to the winner of the holiday contest.

Units ordered after 399 will be arriving to Inventables in March or April because of Chinese New Year.

Merry Christmas!


Oh sweet, looks like I’ll be up till midnight on the 27th. I have had my machine since September with no motion controller. I’ve been waiting on the X-Controller, so excited to finally use the X-Carve.

Well, its the 28th in Chicago. Tried to buy the X-Controller, but not available. I will try in the morning I hope I don’t miss out.

In the morning. Staff on vacation for Christmas need to do a few things.


Cool thanks, resetting alarm clock as we speak. Thanks Zach.

I have also done the midnight eastern check - nothing.
Then the midnight central check - nothing.
The first thing out of bed check - nothing.

Now it’s checking at the top and the bottom of each hour until it happens!

My finger is going numb from hitting refresh.

X-Controller is available for pre-order NOW.

DONE! Just put my order in, Now time to do my happy dance! I have never been so excited to spend money!

We’re sold out…just kidding @NickHomrich got the first one!

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Done! Thanks

Not funny @Zach_Kaplan, my heart stopped a little.

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I ordered some extra stepper motor cable to make a straight run to the second Y motor. Is there anything else I’ll need to order? I have the fully loaded 1000mm X-Carve, minus a motion controller, hence me ordering the X-Controller.