How can I calibrate the x-controller on a generic cnc machine

Ideas for how to approach this. i have it hooked up and moving, but it moves far less than it is supposed too.

You’ll have to provide some details of the machine you’re using it on before anyone can help.

It is an xzero viper xz, with 1610 ballscrew on y, and 2010 ballscrews on x. Size of cut area is 24"x42"

The X-Controller is GRBL based, so I do not see why not.
Simply adjust the steps per mm to match your machine.

Either do it via empirical measurement, or find a formula for your machine.
E.G.: Tell the machine to move 300 mm, measure how far it went, recalculate the steps per mm.
Do this a few times till you are accurate.
If you are GRBL newbie: read this:

FYI: This is the same technique for any CNC electronics…

thanks!! I will check out the link. I did not see in easel anywhere to do that, so now I will try.

Via Easel:
Machine Menu -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector