How can I change my 'nickname'?

I think I setup my forum and sign-on over a year ago. It took a year and my wife gifted me with an XCarve for Christmas. Now I have a real reason to be much more involved and active here. How then can I change my nickname from “DM1” to something I like better? I can’t figure that out.

This is not a function for the user. I don’t think the moderators can do it either. Get in touch with someone in Customer Success to get it changed. I know someone there can do it. It has been done before.

This does look like something I can help out with as @LarryM mentioned. Direct message me and we can get it sorted out!

Oh and congrats on the machine!

Per the instructions from inventables:
Changing your username
If you have a particular username you’d like us, you can change it by clicking on your name at the top right and selecting Forum Preferences. In general, though, your name is preferable. You can change your email/notification preferences there as well.

If your on mobile tap your icon/avatar in upper right then “gear” settings icon scroll down, type new name, save.

That is strange it will let me. At least I think it will. I don’t want to actually change mine. It gives me a warning message: If you change your username, all prior quotes of your posts and @name mentions will be broken. Are you absolutely sure you want to?

There is your profile name and your username. They are different. You can change your profile name, but I think Inventables has to change your username.

He did say “How can I change my ‘nickname’?” I think it is the username he is referring to… But maybe @Dm1 can clarify for us to what he is referring.

The login is what you are referring to and mine is my email address. So I don’t think it is changeable

Yeah, sorry. I went to what I thought he was intending instead of what he said. My bad.

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Not my login name, just looking tO change my name you see to the left ‘DM1’

Look at that! changed!!



Hello I would like my username changed… to HMPrintDesign

Sadly I think rusty has left the building, his last post was nearly a year ago…