How can I edit a particular POINT in a design?

When selecting any point within a line drawing, I can’t edit the position of any particular point? The only thing I can reference is the whole design. The only way I can see to move them is by using snap and “eyeballing” it. There is no way to exactly position one of the points in reference to another point or even 0,0,0 position.

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Assume you are referring to editing an object in Easel. If so, you are correct as far as I know. You can’t dimensionally define individual points.

Ok thanks. That is what I was afraid of and seemed to be an issue. Also seems to be an easy fix with Easel so not sure why they can 't add the feature of adding or deleting points. Many times I have had to completely start over on a line drawing because I wanted to just curve a corner since you have to have 2 points on either side of a corner to make it radiused. I use CAD a lot in my business and have started to use Inkscape as well. Eventually, I’ll graduate to a better vector software that can power my xcarve… Thanks again. Zach

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You can absolutely edit individual points in Easel. To accomplish node editing simply double click on the object. Select one node and it will turn blue. Then in bottom right corner you will see that you can select straight or curved for that node. Red lines appear to show “squareness”. You can also delete nodes to make a line straighter and simpler.

Yes I understand how to edit a point. My issue was a question of placing a point exactly where I want it. You can choose the whole design and determine exactly where to place a point BUT you can’t tell where to place a particular point. There is no place where you can enter the exact placement of x and y distance with a point. This seems like a very easy thing to include in the software. Also, there should be an easy way to ADD a point into a design. Nothing more aggravating that laying out a 15 point design and then want to break a line and add another point… So you have to start over. I work with a couple of different simple CAD programs and adding a point is a very medial thing for a design program. I just thought that should be included into this software. If you can delete a point, it should be relatively easy for the software to “add” a point…

Totally agree!!!

Not only would adding points be hand, but merging two lines or objects together by points would be nice too!