How can I make a box with no top or bottom, in the Box app

I need to make boxes with box joints, but I need the top and bottom edges to be smooth. There is no need for a top or a bottom. But the app only lets me choose whether or not to include a top. Is there a way to exclude the bottom, in app? If not, I know I can cut the bottom box joint off, after I close the box app, but I’d need to know the dimensions of the box joint tabs.

Set it up with just the bottom, in easel use the beta version that lets you download your project as a svg. Open the svg in inkscape (or alike software, Corel draw, etc…) delete the bottom, save the file, import the svg into easel and your all set. Or you can just delete the bottom in easel :joy:

The problem with deleting the bottom, is that the sides still have the box joint edge where the bottom would tie into it.

Manipulate the svg in inkscape…

Then go with the first method but alter the that line when in inkscape

@CurtRiley Use Inkscape to make the box, Import SVG to Easel, and use dogbone generator to create the dogbones.

How big is the box? Design in app, import. In the design screen create a rectangle and cover unwanted tabs. Set to zero cut. Combine. Tabs will be gone

That’s exactly what I was trying to do, but the tabs don’t line up/fit together.

The width, length, and height are strange in the app. Could it be you covered the wrong tabs?

Unfortunately, no. I chose not to use the option to include a top, which left the top edge straight. The bottom edge has the tabs that I don’t need, are are the ones I removed. But when I tried to align the sides of the pieces, the side tabs of one panel don’ even come close to fitting in the side panels of the other pieces.I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this, but I’m brand new to easel and v carve, and haven’t quite figured out how to do this, in either app.

When I get to a computer I’ll take a look at it for you

Thanks, Phillip

I got it figured out. Thanks for all your input.

In case someone else wants to know how I did it, I used the Box app, to create the box with no lid. Then I used the line tools, to draw around the outline, but when I got to the tabs on the bottom, I just went straight across the lower edge. Then I deleted the box components that the app created.

After doing all this, I saw another video, where they showed that you can double click the component, and then move the tabs around, as needed, which was exactly what I needed.

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I just edit the points for the the sides that need to be smooth and delete the points.