How can i see the X,Y,Z locations?

i want to be able to see the location of the cutting during the carving.
when i replace the bit on 2 stages carving, the router moves and i want to move it back to the starting point to start the second stage.
i see on videos a replacement for the chuck, (dewalt router) - please recommend.

when the rough stage is finished, the machine should return to the home position. you should be able to change the bit, re-zero the Z and carve away.

If you move it during a bit change the machine does not know it was moved.
The display will only show the position that the controller told it to go to.

it shouldnt move, if your stepper motors are locking correctly. even tightening or breaking loose a bit doesnt move mine, if I am mindful

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Yes you’re correct. He needs to address that situation of the thing moving.

just re-home the machine and use last x,y home position

Thanks for all your help.
Still how and where can I see the values of the x, y, Z?
Chuck recommends?

In Easel, press CTRL+SHIFT+D which is a short-cut for Machine Inspector.
There both machine and work coordinates will show. Dont think they will display position during carving, but other senders like UGS etc do.

It will not show any shifting during tool change etc as the Xcarve is open-loop (no positional feedback)

With the Xcontroller set dip switch #4 to OFF and check that GRBL parameter $1=255