How can imake a pen drawing of the project that i want to carve

How can I make A PEN drawing of the project i want to carve

I haven’t done it but I’ve heard of it being as simple as duct taping a sharpie to the router, manually setting depth, and carve.

Im very new to this and i tried the tape, but the main question i have is how can i set the number of passes it makes to get to the right depth. All i want is it to make one pass with the pen…

Set your material depth to .01 and your Z depth to .005. Manually set your pen to just touch the material and carve.

Set your depth per pass greater than your cut depth.

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Thats what im looking for…where do i set the depth per pass??

Top right, click on “cut Settings”
Then it will open the settings window.
See below.