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How can we make Easel easier for you?

Hey! We are always working to improve our training around learning Easel. We would love your feedback on your experience so far in this survey:

It will only take a couple minutes and we will forever be in your debt :wink:

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Easel is already the gold standard for easy CNC design. I think that there are users that want to go farther than what the basic Easel can get them. I think there is room to address some of this.

1). Importing G-Code.
Easel allows this, but does not preview imported G-Code and does not let you add or modify imported G-Code. It would be very useful if someone who has advanced CNC software like Vectric could create a design, upload the G-code and then save that as a project that others could run on their CNC machines. This would let users get access to sophisticated 3D designs.
2). Grey Scale height mapping.
This is another way to get at 3D work. There are sources where people can get height maps and this would be a great way to add simplicity to 3D work.




Has anyone asked about the organization of projects that one creates? Something similar to creating folders so you could group similar type items together instead of having to scroll through many projects to find one you have cut before.

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I’ve got a few requests, mostly regarding greater control over the gCode generation and settings.

In all I’m very happy with the platform. It’s EASY to use and gives me the majority of the things I need, but there are always improvements that can be made.

  1. Typically I’m exporting my gcode in order to make modifications in order to improve the efficiency of the code. For instance I ALWAYS raise the bit to 1" above the work piece for the start and finishing g0 moves. This way I always avoid any clamps that might be in the way. Also this way My safety height isn’t high the entire time.

  2. Also allow for quick rapids up from the work piece as opposed to a slow plunge and slow retract. To improve the speed.

  3. Helical plunge? Big request I know, but I gotta ask!

  4. Clamp interference detection. Maybe allow us to define shapes as “Clamps” in the workpiece and have the program alert the user if a clamp will be hit by the cutter during operation.

  5. Improved node point editing. Vectr has a pretty nice interface when doing point editing.

  6. Quicker app approval process. :slight_smile:

We sent a list in to Inventables in the fall. Feel free to add that to your list as well :slight_smile:

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Just a user here, Thats not a bad idea, however I find the search function just as fast. I have 2 years of projects and I was looking for a heart project. I searched heart and it came right up.

Great suggestion! make sure and put it in the survey (if you haven’t already).

@HarryC.Ragland Good ideas! Make sure and fill out the survey (if you haven’t already) with those feature ideas. And trust me 3D is something we hear a ton!

How about a hotkey for the remove feature. When I import an Image trace, I remove a lot of nodes to clean up the trace if it didn’t come out clean. This would save a lot of time.

The survey does not ask what we would like to see in Easel.
It only asks about our experience and what we think beginners should learn first.
It seems there have been many excellent requests for improvements with little results.
I think thee improvement should be more related to functionality and efficiency such as macros.


Add ability to use a 3rd tool bit for finer detail or chamfering.

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Something really basic I’d like to see that would make Easel easier “for me” is the ability to ADD points to a shape after it’s drawn. I know there are many workarounds (including drawing the shape in Illustrator, join another shape, etc.)– but when I’m sketching something, I have often gotten to a spot where I need to start over because I can’t get a curve just right (for example), and the ability to add points would have saved me tons of time.

Also, when jogging jogging objects with the arrow keys (I don’t know when that was added, but you have my heartfelt thanks), the object properties should stay on whichever tab is selected. Right now, the view reverts to the Cut tab, when it really should be defaulting to the Shape tab so you can see the XY coodinates changes.



Incorporate a DRO like MACH 3 or UGS somewhere on the display.

Can we have some type of justification for lettering? So if we are doing multiple lines of text we can easily center justify them on the piece we are working with.


The ability to work off line would be good.

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