How can we make Easel easier for you?

Adding a zoom feature on the detailed view side of the screen would help to see if the cutters depth setting is appropriate to cut the detail sought after.

You can zoom using the scroll wheel of a mouse, or 2 finger pinch/pull function on a touch pad of a laptop :man_shrugging:

  1. Internet required is annoying and I hate it. My rotary engraver is 30 years old. Runs great stand alone software.

  2. Constant saving any changes is annoying also. Especially when just temporary. Change and u want to go back to original work.

  3. So many projects wasted travel of bit. Rough cut and then detail goes over areas already removed. Waste of time.

thanks Seth, the zoom you speak does work as mentioned. Is it possible to zoom to a specific x-y away from home location?

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Nope, one cannot specify a location for the viewer to snap to like that… I don’t know of any tookpathing software that does that. Be it Fusion360, carveco suite, vetric suite, even solidworks and blender are all manual position (with the mouse or sliders) for the viewing location and angle…

HI Brandon,
In the cabinet maker software is it possible to just make a base cabinet without and upper?

You can sort of do that now. From your computer export the carve as GRBL code – this is the same code that Easel would have sent anyway. Then load it in to a GRBL sender – there are quite a few out there. Some even allow you to edit the GRBL code. As for homing and z-axis probe those are also standard grbl commands. Good GRBL senders have this built in. There are also many instructions on line on how to manually do a home / probe as these are not unique to XCarve. Once you get the Gcode put it on an SD Card, take it out to your shed (Offline) and run it through Universal GCode Sender. I’ve done this a few times, and even used different programs like Fusion 360, and never went in to Easel.

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I’ve done what SethCNC has suggested. KEY Do not turn off your machine. What I do is design the object the way I want it, then click the + in the lower and create two workspaces. Copy and paste your design from the first workplace into the second work place, and then into the third workspace so now you’ve got three workspaces that are the same. Consider workspace 1 the ‘Master’. In workspace 2 delete the elements that are not cut with the bit(s) you’ve got selected. IMPORTANT do not move anything. Do the same in workspace 3, remove the elements you don’t want cut with the bit(s) in that workspace. Cut workspace 2 and 3. If you need to change anything do it in workspace 1, then repeat the copy / paste / delete. actions.

Hey Inventables – I agree with Vicki, you could make things a lot easier to allow more than two bit selections. What I posted above is a work around at best.

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What would be good in Easel is to remember the hobbyist. We don’t do a lot of cutting, and 24 bucks a month to do just a few projects here and there seems excessive. I am lucky I think, I have four free cuts per month – but what if in that month you want to start making Christmas ornaments or some presents for family members? I might go over the four, what if I’ve only got five projects? We should be able to design at will, but to cut that design – perhaps charge like $5 or something for one cut (Three days to either make the cut or get support on why it didn’t cut?). I’m one of those guys that bought this to occasionally do something - I feel like it was a lot of money to spend – now I have to keep spending? The cost of Vetric VCarve, Or having a masters in engineering for Fusion 360… Dang I should just go fly my drone instead.

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Although, they’re really lucrative! :smiley:

Native XYZ probe support would be good. I know there’s a taqueria solution, but that’s windows only as far as I’m aware and I’m running a Mac.

CNCJS (which I run as my gcode sender/DRO on a small board intel computer running Ubuntu) can do 3 axis probing from my Mac, since I have no desire to have a real computer in my workshop. I just use a shared samba directory on the Linux box that mounts on my Mac and I dump gcode in there (either from v-carve or fusion) and it picks it up.

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