How did it turn out?

Okay fella’s, the craziest thing is going on with my x-carve. I am trying to do a test carve and each and every time I get to the ‘carve’ part and run through the set up and push ‘carve’ the “how did it turn out” menu comes up and it does not carve anything. Suggestion? I’ve tried going completely getting out of x-carve and have gone so far as to shut down my computer and restart it. Each time I get to the ‘carve’ part, this menu comes up???

Is your selected bit to large to actually carve any of your design?

No, as a test I used the same sized 1/8" bit. I just finished a test carve on a single (not dual carve) carve and everything worked fine. Just seems to be something with the dual carve.

Additional info. I just completed a test carve on a single (not dual carve) piece and everything functioned fine. What ever it is it seems to be effecting the dual carve only???

Thinking about it, I am going to delete this file and start anew just in case I have a bug of some sort in this file. Will let you know tomorrow if it worked.

Well, I deleted the file that was giving me problems, recreated it and all is well now. Go figure???

Hi James,

It sounds like this might be an issue with the roughing/detail feature that is in early access. When you do a roughing pass, outlines are not carved. If your project consisted of only outlines, Easel currently won’t warn you that there is nothing to carve even though it should. We’ll put in a fix so that it does. We’re also going to look into letting you specify which bit you want to use for outlines.


Jeff, what do you mean by ‘outlines’?

In Easel, all objects are defined as either being “Fills” or “Outlines:”

Oh, ok. Got it, thanks. While I have your attention, take a look at this video I made for one of the forum fella’s that’s helping me a lot. My dual carve has not worked correctly since I’ve had it and I can’t figure out why. After the rough carve the detail carve will cut a deep groove around the edge of the box and around all letter’s in the box. Don’t know why it’s doing this. You can also take a look at my latest you tube video “X-CARVE DUAL CARVE PROBLEMS” for a more detailed explanation.