How do I add tabs

How do I add tabs? I don’t see a tab option in the cut section like I’ve seen in older videos. Is it now one from another location in easel?

I don’t use Easel but found this:

Walkthrough Tutorial: Adding and Removing Tabs – Inventables (

Needs to be a full depth cut, you can click on the tabs and move them around


@PhillipLunsford has a good tabs tutorial on his “Paw Paw’s workshop” YouTube channel. Although inspired by him I’ve gone all in on the tape/glue method a(had too many tab related failures (or ugly marks on the sides where the tab was attached regardless of how much sanding I do, with the exception of MDF where there is not a risk of tear-out)

For intricate cuts tape-and-glue works so much better as the router having to z-hop around the tab, makes the cut less smooth. Plus way faster if you don’t need to be hopping all over the place on tiny parts of your workpiece!

Like Henry I use tape and glue on about everything except Monograms. Some times on the monograms in very small areas its easier to fill the areas and let the CNC just clear the area instead of cutting out a "piece’ you have to remove.

Thank you all. I figured it out. I was trying to make some stencils out of aluminum and needed certain
parts of the letters to stay (obviously).
I had it on “clear out pocket” so no tabs would show even with a full-depth cut.
It needs to be on “cut on shape path” and the tabs do show up.
There is a workaround for what I was trying to achieve; use the square shape and shrink it down to your liking (where a tab would be needed) and then set it to zero cut out.
I understand that tabs can mean two different things; one is when you need them to hold the work in place until it’s fully cut and they are partally cut through. And my need was for tabs to help hold letters in place without any cut through.
Thanks again.

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Well written, thanks for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face: