How do I adjust for this?

I bought my X-Carve 1000x1000 pre assembled from a guy so I am a little lost with making some needed adjustments.

Here is a photo of what I am looking for some help on…

As you can see, the Z axis is no where near square with my waste board, looking at about .15 inch gap at the bottom.

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this to get it back in square? Thanks.

You can shim the bottom of the Z axis, here’s a forum where it’s discussed pretty well: Squaring Z-Axis

I had to do the same thing with mine, except I had to shim at the top. I just used slices of business card, as shown in this picture.

After you get it square, you will want to use a large bit like a wasteboard cutter (3/4") to help get it perfectly square. Just mill a pocket 6"x6" or so, .025" deep, and if you see a sawtooth pattern then adjust the shims as necessary. Once you get a level cut with a wide bit, you’ll never be able to see any kind of un-square with a small bit.

Alternatively, you can loosen the X axis rails at the side plates and adjust the whole assembly that way

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Loosened screws on attaching y makerslides to x makerslide and was able to move it enough to square it up. Thanks for replies all.