How do I assign a tool to a specific cut and then change the tool for the second cut?

I am attempting to create a plaque that is circle shaped. It is about 11 inches. I am creating text that wraps around the perimeter of the plaque. I want to carve this out using 2 tools. A 1/8" bit to cut the 11" circle from the stock. Then with the 1/8" bit, cut another circle just inside the letters that is 1/8" deep.

The remainder of the carving is to be cut by the 1/16" tool.
So…How do I assign the 1/8" bit to cut the areas it is supposed to cut and then make a tool change to cut the rest of the plaque?

I see you can choose multiple tools but I do not see anywhere where you can assign a tool to specific cuts. Am I missing something? Please advise.

Thank you

I like to use the multiple work spaces feature for this. Down at the bottom, you can make pages that function a bit like layers. You can set different setting for each page.

Assuming your using EASEL … at the bottom of the screen you’ll see WORKPIECES, click the plus button and copy and paste the lettering to the additional workpiece. There you can assign the bit … speed, DOC etc …

A simple cut and paste paste from one workpiece to the other keeps the item copied in the exact location as from where it was copied.

Fantastic, I will try that. Thank you

so then when it finishes the first work piece, does the operation stop so I can change the bit or does it immediately start doing the second piece?

You could also just ‘duplicate’ a workpiece, it will be an exact copy. Then, just delete the pieces you don’t want to cut with the first tool. Duplicate the original again and delete the first cut objects, etc. You get the idea.

it will not start the second workpiece until you go back through the whole pre-carve ritual