How do I carve single pass fonts

Basically i want to use a 60 degree v groove router bit to do small lettering on a tag. I am using easel but the fonts are to chunky and give multiple passes and blend the lettering. I want to type in easel and be able to set it for one pass so i get a single cut fine line font. Any ideas if this is possible?

I haven’t found anything in Easel that will do that, I don’t think it supports it yet. The program you really need is V-Carve Desktop. I use it for 99% of all the lettering stuff I do.

Check this out

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I was just carving single line fonts in easel tonight. I designed the DXF file in Inkscape (free) with the Hershey font extension installed. Not the best solution but it does work.


If you are happy laying out your text by hand in Easel you could just import a single stroke font set as SVGs and do it that way.

E.g. try using these:

You would have to kern the text yourself, or maybe someone wants to try doing it as an app.

Much easier though is to do it in Inkscape then import.



If you have CorelDraw, you can try this method:

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try cinzel on easel i did and gave me single line text

I try that extension for inkscape and it works great.

Try Cenzil type font on easel