How do i carve stacked layers at different depths?


So what I am trying to do is carve a circle pocket for a glass to fit in, and then at the bottom of the circle pocket engrave the outline of a letter at a deeper depth at the bottom of the circle pocket. Is this possible without having to start over with two different cuts? Is it possible to cut out the circle and then the letter at the bottom?

Here is an example that you can work from…

You simply make the text deeper than the depth of the pocket for the glass.


Brandon Parker


Thank you. So i guess i may of did that right then. but when i did ‘simulate’ i couldnt fully tell if it was going to work. i could done a test piece but i have a slow mini CNC and i didnt want to spend like 2 hours seeing if it was going to cut right. Thank you so much for your help!