How do I change the general travel speeds?

How do I change the general travel speeds? I would like to slow down how fast the x-carve travels after I home it and begin a carve and in between cuts. I have gone into the machine inspector but don’t know what settings to change or what to change them to.

It just seems so jerky. My X-carve occasionally binds and it never does when its carving…always when it’s traveling to another location.

For every system there is a max speed (not loaded) it can achieve before a motor may stall. You should before you do anything else try to read/adjust the pot.values of your axis drivers. This will tell us if they are in proper range or need adjusting. See this video for explanation :

Once that is established you need to make sure your axis’s are not binding or restricted in any way as far as motion goes.

If the pot.values are within spec and there is no mechanical binding you should be able to achieve good speeds without failing. However “failing” mean that you are pushing the system too much and need to tweak. Reducing the max speed may be what you need to do, but not untill first two factors are dealt with.

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Great videos! May I suggest a web based program called Screencast-O-Matic to make tutorials like the ones you did. It is super easy to use for making screen casts. Thanks for your help…you are very knowledgeable about this stuff.

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Get a hub.
even old computers can handle 127 devices… :wink: