How do I change the steps per inch?

I have finally got my machine together. now I am having a problem with the z axis cutting too deep.
I set it to cut .1 inches but it cut down to .2 inches. also my circles are ovals they are flattened in the
Y axis. I am thinking that I need to adjust my steps per inch, but have no idea how to do that in Easel.
I have already adjusted the current for the stepper drivers. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Art

Did you run the machine setup in Easel? It should set all the Grbl parameters.

*this link originally had a typo that has now been corrected.

Yes ran the setup in Easel. should I run it again?

Is you machine standard (i.e. the same motors, belts, gears from the kit)?

Every thing is standard Got the 1000 minus the waste board.

It cannot hurt to run the setup again.

What version of Grbl is loaded on the Arduino? If it is not .9i then you will have issues.

I will have too try it again tomorrow. My machine is at the shop down town. maybe I shall have to bring it home
till I can get running right.

Thanks, Art

I have no Idea. How do I find out?

I found out by starting Universal Gcode Sender and in the command line typing $$ to dump the Grbl parameters. There might be a way to do this from Easel, but if there is I don’t know how.

Thanks Allen, I will check it out when I get back to the machine.

Thanks, Art

ok i did the universal gcode sender thing and it sais im running .9g how do i update to .9i?

Here’s a link to where I discuss it on another thread:

ok i uploaded the hex file and checked it with universal gcode sender and the $$ command it shows .9i now. have to make a test cut will post how it does
thanks again

and quick cut down with no change to cutting depth

Zach - i have the same problem - that setup link is 404 - is there an updated link to use?


i used this site to fix my steps - worked a treat -

The actual link to the set up is

I had a typo above. I’ll fix that now.

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