How do I cut through wood with my 90° v bit?

I’m new to the cnc world and I’m having a hard time cutting through my project all the way through when I use the v bit. I’ve used the straight bit and it fits pretty good but it leaves the cornered edges. In wanting the edges to be more curved not cornered. What do y’all recommend I use or what am I don’t wrong?

Use the V bit to Chamfer the edge, set it to cut 1/2 way through your material then use an 1/8" bit to cut it completely out. OR use a router with a round over bit off line. I have done both

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Thanks, can you send me a picture if the bits you’re talking about?

Any V bit will work, I typically use the two flute 1/8" straight bit from Inventables to cut out the shapes. I create two project pages

V bit cut “on” path at desired depth
Straight bit cut on “outside” of path.

By cutting on the outside of path it will cut on the outside edge at the bottom of the “V”

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I was reading this because trying to figure out how to do exactly what you are talking about. But, I’ still a little confused. Are you running 2 separate files? I opened your file and there is only a 1/8 selected?

Click at the bottom, there are two work pieces one for each bit

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