How do I determine the width of an irregular cut?

Say I want to cut out a shape similar to this:

However, I want the thickness of the wall between the outside cut and the inside pocket to be exactly 1cm all around. How would I go about doing this? (to paraphrase what I am trying to do, I would like to create the outside cut, then cut a pocket that is 1cm inside the outside cut.)

Project file if its needed:

additional question: would just two 2mm tabs be enough to secure this sort of project?

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Do this:

  1. File>Share>Shared with Link
  2. Copy the Link
  3. Click Save
  4. Paste the link into a Post

The easiest way is to use either the Offsetter or Offsetter (v2) app. There are different ways to use the app, but it is pretty intuitive. You simply select the shape you want to to create an offset from and go to the app. Try it out and see it works for you.


Brandon Parker

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Here is a Heart box that I did, maybe it will help you understand what you need to do.
Good Luck

thanks. what is the third cutout for? the one which cuts a heart with a round thing in the crevice 5mm deep

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The 1/4" bit would not cut out the top of the heart so i used a 1/16" bit to clear that area and also I have the top heart the same size as the bottom heart so using a 1/16" bit will make the top heart 1/32" smaller so it will fit when you put the top on.
Hope that makes sense

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I still don’t understand. Is it a second stage cutting of one of the first two hearts? Why is it only 5mm deep?

Have you tried using the Offsetter app?

Yes the third page and the second page go together. The reason for the third page is the 1/4" bit wouldn’t cut the top of the heart where it makes a V. So I used a 1/16" bit to clear that.

After you cut the second page with the heart lid still secured to your table, set the Z height with the 1/16" bit and use the same home position and run the job

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You could just add a 0.125" or larger radius to the box…that way you could do the whole thing with a 1/4" end mill.