How do I find the width of a cut in someone else's project

I am making this project but wish to modify it a little.

This requires me to know the width of the cuts.

How do I figure that out for this irregular shape?

What do you mean by “width of cut”?

How wide the black line is. As indicated in this picture in the yellow:

The black line thickness is the same as the diameter of the bit.
The gray area varies around the heart in that design.

The black line is a function of the width of the bit selected, here as 1/8" per Easel bit info.
If you choose a larger bit the black line change accordingly.

The design width is 4".

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As they stated above, when I need measure something I use the “line tool” or the “Square or circle” and size it to the area I am trying to measure. I zoom in real close and adjust to get it exact.

Thank you for the solutions.