How do I Force the Firmware Update? Xcarve not connecting,

How can I force the firmware update. I cannot connect to the xcarve since allowing windows 7 to apply many updates to my system. Note: The driver is current. Any advise would be helpful as I am dead in the water at the moment.

Have you tried the usual? Power down X-carve? Unplug USB? Restart computer?

Oh yes. Many times. Tried different cord also. It just flat out won’t connect. I have tried manually setting the port # yet it just spins forever.

Can you try with a different computer? Just to rule out the X-Controller as the issue.
Are you trying to connect through Easel? Can you try another sender, like CNCjs? Or even the arduino IDE or something like PuTTY?
Do you have an arduino handy? If so, see if you can get that to connect.

i did try to connect on my imac (using Easel) and same result. I dont use other senders nor do I have an arduino to test with.