How do I get the X-Carve to cut contiguously along a line path?

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I’m trying to engrave an 0.125" deep channel into Corion with a .25" bit. Here is my Easel design, slightly modified for my test piece (but you can see the whole project too).

What I can’t figure out is why the bit does not contiguously follow the line path that I’ve created (except where there are Tee offs)? What it does instead, is lift up and put down and lift up and put down and lift up and put down. And what I end up with is a less than smooth channel at the 90° bends.

At first I thought it was because I created each line separately, so I grouped them, but that didn’t help. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Ken

that easle comes in as .25 depth overall - I do not know how well corian works with a router bit I would test with a piece of wood and see if it can handle it may be too fast for the size of bit vs density of the material. I do not use Easle for something this creative it is going to make the machine go multiple directions and with it being a thick material it could overload the driver boards and make it lose steps.

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@InnovativeMedia You may need to design your project in Inkscape or Illustrator and import it as a SVG

You also may be able to “fake it”.
See this project:

I drew a two rectangles, and combined them. The third rectangle’s DOC is set to 0, so the machine wont cut that right side.
If your measurements do have to be 100% to something than its worth a shot.

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