How do I keep letters from bleeding together on detailed text

I can’t figure out how to get my letters to cut clearly and separately for an inlay. I changed my bit size and they still bleed to gather. The text is an imported vector that I made. Also, how do I mirror image my template so that I can combine the two? I looked at the app for inlays but I don’t want to completely cut it out. And another thing, how do I clear waste around my imported image? With text created inside of easel you can make the cut depth higher than the pocket but I can’t seem to get the same results with imported text. Frustration is starting to set in. I’ve only had my x-carve for a week and I may be trying to bite off a little more than Im ready for, but that’s kinda the way I’m built. I like to try to figure things out for myself but I’m not the best with computers. Any answers or advice would help greatly.