How do I make all lines the same thickness?

How do I make all lines the same thickness?
I have tried rescanning, outlining, overlaying?
I just want all lines to be carved the same weight.
Help please,

What lines? Looks like you’re still trying to cut out the same profile (with an oval egg).

Hi Neil,
I SO appreciate your help, but realize I have very little idea what I am doing.
I modified the facial shapes,
I took the whole image out and scanned it in paint, then brought the image back, to try to make the line thicknesses equal.
I also changed the face some.
thanks and God Bless,

can you share the original artwork?

I will try a url

I tried simplifying the image because I need to make about a hundred of these, if I import the image just as it is, Easel seems to go nuts making hundreds of little holes, and no smooth lines.
Thanks in advance for your help.
God Bless,

Dang @PhilJohnson you beat me to it…
You can also use the Offsetter app to create an outline so you can cut out the entire shape.


So thats what the offsetter app does?
I habe spent hours deleting all the inside nodes just the create an outline lol

THANK You!!!