How do I make Easel do a T-slot cut?

How do I make easel do a T-slot cut? I need to cut the shape in the photo with a T-slot on both of the long sides (where the red lines are drawn. It needs to be a 3/8th overhang. The rectangle is a cross view of what it needs to look like on the one side and a mirror image for the other side.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Making these in easel is typically accomplished by carving 2 seperate pieces and then gluing them together.
Setting up a toolpath like that in Easel isn’t easy by any means…

You could place a 0 depth item (like a rectangle) over the round part of that design and then setup the design to be a “inside shape path” cut type and preview the toolpath and see if it’ll do as desired… I’m not sure if that would plunge in exactly where you want though…

Thank you!
I think I have resined to the fact I have to use a hand router. Its not worth the hassel. HAHA
Thanks again.

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