How do I modify this to be larger? What program to use

death star (18.8 KB)

I need to modify this object so that it’s 4" in diameter. I am new to CNC’s and don’t know what programs are used to create an object like this. Can someone point me to a tutorial and or a program that can make a shape like this? Also how is the object imported into Easel after it is created? Thanks in advance!


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Do you have the design file instead of the gcode? That would make it much easier

This is a gcode file you can not edit this in easel. Go to the original file where this gcode was created. Edit it there

I don’t have the design file. This is a project I got on Inventables Projects- Trivet - Death Star | Inventables

I have no idea what the author used to create the file. This is all new to me but need an object like this but with a diameter of 4 inches and the same depth of 3/4". I’d prefer to learn what programs are available to make objects like this as I’d like to get more skilled at using 3D design programs.

It’s not a simple process for sure. That project uses a bowl shape gcode from a separate program. Granted, if you want to mess around with the super gradient tool (click the lego button and then scroll to the bottom) then you could generate a near 3d design like that within Easel, it’s just going to use a bunch of stepdowns in order to get it close to that shape…

Then there’s the issue with resizing that design, because the way he has it laid out, the entire design is using a 1/8" bit, but when shrunk down that bit will not fit into the design, you would need to select a different bit for the face of the death star.

I might try contacting the guy that designed and posted it. Perhaps he can scale it up/down for you. He has a name and contact email on the project page.

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