How do I open Easel Pro

how do I open Easel Pro

Anytime you select a pro text or select a vbit you move into easel pro and use one of your four free days per month pro symbol will appear by carve button and it will ask if you want to use a free day. Give it a try.

So, Do I “:use” a day even if I just do layout without carving?

Answered in your OTHER post.

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There are many posts that you can search to learn how this works. You can design as much as you want. You will only use a free day when you carve. Easel will let you know how many days you have and if you want to use one to carve

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usage starts at carve. It will burn 24 hours then stop. So you start carving and the 24 hour clock starts from that point forward whether you are carving anything else or not. It will only burn one 24 hour block then stop.