How do I set home position on a circular piece of wood

New to Easel.

I am using an 18 diameter wooden disk. It has no corner to home. How do I setup Easel to home the center of the disk rather then the left front?

Use the center. Here are a couple of videos. I use the center a lot for my x,y 0 point

What material setting did you have it at to cut the tile for the coaster?

Birch plywood

While we’re talking flooring drink coasters … part of a Game of Thrones related set for my son’s 21st birthday.


Those are awesome!!!

Note that I uploaded this design as a project. It does require a pro day due to being more than a line drawing. (Also note a couple of bonus Batman designs following the sage words of Tyrion Lannister … those you can carve as in the Paw Paw video linked above.)