How do I take something and make it able to use on Easel?

Hello all. I may be a dummy with the computer, so I need some help. I build Adirondack chairs for a hobby. I am getting tons of orders for them right now. I have wooden templates that I draw out the pieces on lumber and cut them out with my band saw. There may already be a way on here telling one how to transfer it to easel, but I don’t see it. How can I take my shapes and get them on Easel so my x-carve can cut them out? I’d really appreciate any help I can get to do this. It would make cutting these pieces out so much easier than doing it with the band saw. And a lot less sanding too. PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank You,
Dennis Sherman

I make accurate measurable marks, take a good clean picture being sure the camera is parallel to the piece so when I image trace it into easel I can redraw it to an accurate size. It easier if you lay it on a piece of paper that is rectangle or a square so you have the edges to square up in the viewfinder on your phone or camera.

Hope that helps